yvone west

Principal: Yvone West

On behalf of the faculty and staff at  Sylvan Hills Junior High School, I am happy to welcome you to our school. This is my seventh year here and I am truly humbled and excited to serve as principal.  

Research indicates that the freshman year is the most challenging for students and our goal is to ensure that all students have a connection to school, are supported academically and socially, and are prepared to have a successful high school experience.  In just four short years, students will be graduating.  Additionally, this transitional year will help students adjust to high school and learn the importance of obtaining credits that will apply toward graduation requirements. 

As principal, I understand the importance of creating an environment where students can succeed. The faculty and staff of the SHJHS are committed to providing quality instruction in a nurturing environment that empowers students to achieve their maximum potential by creating a bridge from middle school to high school while preparing students to be college and career ready.

During the course of the year, it is my hope that we will work together to provide the students of  the SHJHS the BEST possible opportunities in preparing them to master the challenges of the future with a solid foundation created here at our school. Graduation Starts Here...!

Educationally yours,
Yvone West

Mr. West is in his 19th year in education and 14th year in PCSSD. He has served as principal of Sylvan Hills Junior High School for 7 years. Before becoming principal he served as an assistant principal in several secondary schools. He was named the 2021-2022 Sylvan Hills Feeder Supporting Administrator of the Year. He values family time and enjoys traveling.  

michelle camp

Assistant Principal: Michelle Camp

Mrs. Camp, Assistant Principal, has 20 years of experience in the PCSSD school system. She was named the 2021-2022 Sylvan Hills Feeder Supporting Administrator of the Year. Mrs. Camp served in numerous capacities in the Maumelle Feeder for 16 years.  Mrs. Camp is happily married with two children. She values family time and serving in her church.  

KaRon Branch

Interim Assistant Principal: KàRon Branch

Ms. Branch has ventured into Administration by way of the stage!  She is a former Theatre Director and most recently, a School Test Coordinator, she plans to harness her organizational skills and creativity in her new role.  This is her 24th year as an educator.  She enjoys doing missionary work, traveling, spending time with her family and decorating.