During the next two weeks, our 9th grade students are scheduled to take the NWEA MAP GROWTH TEST. The exam is a computer adaptive test that adjusts to each student’s learning level. Teachers use these scores to inform instruction, personalize learning, and monitor the growth of individual students. 

The test will be administered on the following days:  Reading Tuesday, September 14,  Math Thursday, September 16, and English Language Arts, Thursday, September 23. All students will test with their second period teacher. Testing time frames are 9:30-11:00. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy popcorn and a movie for their efforts by following the non negotiables. If your student receives testing accommodations, he or she will take their assessment according to those guidelines. Thank you for your commitment to your child’s education.

  • NWEA  MAP Non-Negotiables

  • Charged chromebook

  • Working diligently 

  • Being present each day

  • On time

  • No quick guessing (no pauses)  

    Lori Brown ~ Test Coordinator 

    Marsha Norwood ~ Assistant Test Coordinator

    Yvone West ~ Principal

    Michelle Camp ~ Assistant Principal