Semester Exams

Semester Exams will be administered December 14th - 17th. December 20th will be a makeup day. All students will take exams during their assigned period. The Semester Test Schedule can be found here.


Semester Exam Exemption policy includes ALL of the following:  


  • Maintained at least a B average for the semester (average of 1st nine weeks and 2nd nine weeks)

  • 4 or fewer unexcused absences

  • NO suspensions

  • Signed Exemption Form Returned by Thursday, December 9th.


All late work/make up work must be submitted by Wednesday, December 8th.  All students who are exempt from semester exams will be notified on Friday, December 10th.


Please see the link below to complete and submit the exemption form electronically.

Disclaimer: Remember your student will only be exempt if he/she meets all the criteria noted above.


Exemption Form